The origins of prayer

Israk Mikraj or The Journey by Night – quite a story, actually.

You find this narrated in Bukhari’s Hadis Sahih.

I like how Dina Zaman narrates this mind-blowing event in Malaysiakini

I’ve always wondered, though, when God commanded that Muhammad should perform his prayers 50 times a day, would not Muhammad have replied, ‘I hear, I obey, my Lord’?

And when Moses, having been told of this whilst Muhammad was descending, said ‘Muhammad, your people would not be able to abide that. They would not be able to cope’ ( as narrated by Dina ), would not Muhammad, mindful that ’50 times a day’ was a command from the Creator, have replied, ‘Get behind me, satan’, headed straight back home and wasted little time doing anything else given that if one was to pray 50 times a day, there would be little time for anything else?

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  1. Interestingly, there is a vedic text that also prescribes the almost identical 5 times in the day during which the prayer ritual is to be performed. I wonder if that was the origin of the waktu solat.

    In my mind, even the hypothetical 50 time a day is not sufficient. The truly pious person is engaged in continuous prayer. Every thought, every word, every action is a prayer. The ideal is to live in God, live for God, do everything you do in service to God.

    Doesn’t this render the “mandatory” 5 times a day irrelevant?

  2. All our thinking and decision are scripted by Tuhan[or karma]Do we for once think we are the creator of our thoughts.Such foolishness.God create every thing including our thought.If we are indeed the creator of our thoughts,then we can stop and restart thinking according to our call.Do not waste time,for Thy will be done.Like a robot,actions follows according to instructions[download] into the CPU.WE are mere Robots of Allah.

  3. Shihhsh Haris! You are sort of anti-Hadis. Why are you quoting from the Hadis ?
    To me this hadis says Allah is a flip flop(selipa jepun) God who cannot get it right the first time.This Hadis Bukhari is saying Allah need to go for Total Quality Management course.

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